Auto transport

We provide you with auto transportation services with the most classic logistics scheme through international and Mongolian territories. Especially for Mongolia, road transportation is the most convenient way of shipment where railway is not well developed via its western and eastern towns and provinces. Our company engages in road shipments of construction materials, food products, household and common goods, cosmetic goods, children’s food, garments, medicine and equipment from European countries via our northern neighbor of the Russian Federation and all types of ordinary, loose and oversized cargoes and containers from our southern neighbor of China.

Auto transport services:

  • Door to door service
  • Transportation with 20,  40 ft and special containers
  • Bulky, small or multipack cargoes shipments and also shipment of cargoes that require special condition of transportation
  • Custom controlled vehicle transportation
  • Instructions and consultancy on transportation of export and import goods and their customs clearance

International shipments:

  • Shipments of export and import goods of 20-120  mvolume /TIR trucks/
  • Optimal transportation method and route depending on special shipment requirements, goods type, weight and other factors
  • Urgent, quickly perishable or small cargo shipment