Mixed transport


Even though Mongolia is a landlocked county, it still has a chance to have access to sea using road, air and railway transports through some sea ports in China, Russia and some European countries.

Mixed transportation is a shipping method specifically tailored to Mongolia’s special territorial conditions. Utilizing a road-sea-railway route, a container from Berlin or Hamburg factory in Germany can be shipped by road transport to Hamburg port and then sea transport to the port of Tianjin in China and, at last, by railway  to the terminal of Railnetwork LLC at Ulaanbaatar station.

Incoterms states the risks and responsibilities of purchasers and sellers.  All shipments that involve sea transport will have to be done by mixed transport means for our country and it is part of our daily works. International standard 20ft, 40ft special or ordinary containers (heated, cooled, decked, open etc) are used depending on the type and features of the cargoes in mixed transport.