Railway transport


Our company is highly skilled and experienced in the field of railway transportation. As well as providing fast and reliable delivery of your cargoes, railway transport is also the cheapest option for all types of goods from small to bulk, oversized, heavy, loose or liquid using closed and semi-closed wagons, decked or special tanks, bunkers and transporter wagons.

Railnet collaborates closely with leading logistics companies from Mongolia, China, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland and successfully organizes railway transportation through the territories of these countries. We provide timely information to our customers about their cargoes status by constantly monitoring the trains and containers.

Since railway transport from European countries takes much less time than sea transport, our customers usually prefer to choose railway transport. Our specialist will take your order, choose the needed transportation wagon, calculate the tailored route and rate and create the draft of placement of the cargo. We will be privileged to deliver your perishable goods in reefer containers or trains with persistent temperature and your high value goods with excellent security.


Railway network

Even though Mongolia is a landlocked country, it has a great opportunity to transport export, import and transit goods via railway in short time using the enormous infrastructure of railways that connect Europe with Asia as it sits right in the middle of that infrastructure.

We provide railway transport services using the railway network that connects almost 100 countries:

  • Railway network of the Russian Federation
  • Trans Asian railway network
  • Trans European railway network
  • China