Greeting from Director

1897944_1406143889672136_8574196045747686093_nWelcome to Railnet LLC’s website, dear visitor.

In line with the globalized world economy and business relations, the fastest delivery of manufactured goods and raw materials in an economically efficient way to the destination point is one the most important matters these days. Railnetwork LLC strives to be a reliable partner of our customers by providing logistics and transportation services that meet their demands with our motto “Friend’s success is my own success”.

Besides expressing my gratitude to our customers and clients who have been with us until these days, I would also like to wish you all the very best in your work and your life from the bottom of my heart.

And our door is always open to new partners and clients and I would like to say that we will cooperate with you not for profit, but for mutual success and trust.

At last, may our great country flourish and let there be more people whose actions for creating more wealth for our country speak louder than their words.



General Director  Lkhagvasuren. B